Friday, February 20, 2009

tak boleh sms...?

haih... dah satu minggu lebih tak dapat sms. so after one whole week, i went to Kajang Celcom centre, wanting to upgrade the SIM card, following the recommendation by the service operator, saying that my original SIM card minght be too old that i needed to change it, just give it a try and then see whether can send sms afterwards.

so after persekutuan doa this morning, i went to the Celcom centre. after a long walk from Metro Kajang, i reached the place acting like a fool, looking around with a face asking for help... ok, then i met the Celcom lady and she tried my SIM card... guess what, sms sent! meaning my phone got problem? after a while trying this and that, she suggested me to upgrade the SIM card and i agreed. after i got the upgraded SIM card, right, STILL CANNOT SEND ANY SMS!!!!!!!!!

started to think 'gosh, dont tell me that this sony ericsson pulak yang rosak!!! no!!!'

as the last advice, she asked me to go to check my phone at kedai telepon, and so i went to Metro Kajang, not knowing where to look for sony ericsson punya kedai, so i walked around...

it seemed that there is no kedai sony ericsson around the Metro Kajang, so i went the 1st floor punya kedai telepon and he checked my phone, saying nothing is wrong with my phone but asked me to check the phone number for Celcom sms centre aka go to Celcom booth or whatever Celcom place there is... (-.-)'''

so he kinda gave up, saying 'you better check this number whether it is the number for Celcom sms centre, bcos i checked ur phone, thr is nothing wrong with the setting and stuff...'

'gosh... help... how? what to do??!'

right after that i went to a corner and started to play around with the sms centre number. i deleted the number and re-enter the same number via copy-paste, and 'damn, it's this simple!'.

finally, i can sms!

oh ya, before i went ot the kedai telepon, i decided to buy a new SIM card and try it on my phone. yea, crap, same thing happened, 'sms sent failed' kept popping out on my phone.

so now, i have 2 Celcom numbers! arrgh, so dumb! but thankGod, now we can interchange the telco provider!... so which one to choose? Digi perhaps...

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Anonymous said...

dude model sony ericson are most problem than other.......